Driving on a Revoked License in Florida?

You Need Top Legal Defense Help with a Revoked License Criminal Charge

Driving your vehicle after your license has been revoked is a seriousfelony charge under Florida law. Whether you have your Florida driver’s license revoked, or the revocation is from an out of state driver’s license, the criminal charge is the same. You generally can’t be legally licensed in one state when another has removed your driving privileges.

Driver’s license law can be tricky to sort out, but the penalties for this charge are significant. You could be facing real jail time.

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Can I Challenge My Driving on a Revoked License Charge?

Yes, there are always legal challenges to be argued and options to fight, get the charges reduced, or plead to a lesser penalty that you can live with.

If your license revocation or suspension is from another state, we may be able to challenge the state of Florida to prove that your license was legitimately taken or cancelled. The need to be able to prove that it was legitimately and fairly revoked, and that you were notified and aware of that fact.

Florida Penalties for Driving on a Revoked License

If you are found guilty of operating a motor vehicle after your license has been revoked, you are charged with a  be convicted of a third degree felony under Florida criminal traffic laws. If you are convicted of a 3rd degree felony, you risk penalties of up to 5 years in prison and up to a $5000 fine.

Also see my penalties for driving on a suspended license page.

Free Consultation on your Driving on a Revoked  License or other Florida Criminal Traffic Charge

If you’ve been charged with driving while your license is revoked, suspended, or a related criminal charge in Florida, find out what we can do to help in a free criminal defense consultation and case evaluation.

If making every effort to maintain your ability to drive is important to you, now and in the future, please call to find out what your options are in fighting the case.

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Don’t just plead guilty and get stuck with a criminal record for the rest of your life until you’ve explored all of your options to fight the charges!


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