Florida Criminal Defense Legal Fees & Costs

How Much Will it Cost Me to Hire you to Fight a Florida Criminal Charge?

One of the first questions we are asked is “How much do you charge?”

There is not one simple answer, so let me explain how it works:

First I assess the seriousness and the type of case it is. What are the charges? How many additional charges are there? Is it a felony or misdemeanor case? Are there prior offenses?

Felonies and cases that are second or third offenses are more complicated, and serious. There are also some charges that by there nature are complicated, and typically take many court dates to resolve.

Other factors that may add to the complexity of a criminal case are witnesses or if outside expert testimony is required.

For these reasons, we can’t quote an exact price until we speak to you and have a handle on all of these factors.

Flat Fees, Reasonable Rates, Credit Cards Accepted

After we understand your case, I will quote you a flat fee based on how much work and how many court dates will be involved in your case. I may quote two different fees in some cases, since there may be an extra fee if the case ends up going to trial.

But we will disclose all this up front after doing a case evaluation. So you’ll know exactly what it will cost if you decide to hire us.

We know that you weren’t planning to need a criminal defense lawyer, so we accept credit cards to help you deal with the unexpected expense.

The Cheapest Lawyer is not the Best Lawyer

If you are only interested in finding a lawyer who will handle your case for as little as possible, that may not be the smartest way to look at it. Our rates are probably not the cheapest around. We typically charge $1000-$5000 for a misdemeanor, and $5000+ for a felony offense.

A lawyer without any real criminal defense experience in Florida courts may charge you less. But there are risks to hiring just anyone, who will do real estate closings one day, a bankruptcy the next, and then show up in criminal court to represent you. Experience really does matter. All of our attorneys have extensive experience in criminal defense and are fully prepared to argue successfully on your behalf, based on what they know will have the best chance to win your case.

A good defense lawyer has seen many cases like yours, whether it is a drug possession or assault charge.

He or she will know a good deal from a bad one, so you get the fairest possible disposition.

And we won’t be run over by the District Attorney. We are ready to stand our ground and fight for you.

Call us now for your free criminal defense legal consultation and case evaluation. Get your questions answered, and find out what quality criminal legal representation will cost. They make your own decision as to what it means to your freedom and your future to have our attorneys on your side(877) 394-6959


– The Lawyers of MyFloridaDefenseLawyer.com

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